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Light and Shadow
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Beautiful Badass

With the mix of  soul, funk , and rock
Yacharmi gives us a message of not living 
in a box that society creates for us, 
you are a beautiful badass to be who you truly are.


Yacharmi is a fully self-produced solo musician known by his fans as the “Rising Phoenix” of Pop, Rock, and Soul. As a Milwaukee native turned Twin Cities resident, the Rising Phoenix (aka the Beautiful Badass) has a sound heavily shaped by Michael Jackson, Prince, Tina Turner, Ritchie Valens, and the Apostolic Pentecostal movement, leaving a pleasant sweetness or funk to be found at any given moment.

Currently, the Rising Phoenix continues to release music of multiple genres, some consisting of his accomplishments in Milwaukee before moving to Saint Paul to attend McNally Smith College of Music, and the others consisting of the music created by the entity that he became after arriving in his new life.

While not currently being “religious”, the very spiritually in-tune Pop entity has 14 years experience in leading and directing

music in the Pentecostal movement, along with

over 15 years of private music production

under his belt and is Executive Producer

of Andy Vik’s "One Thousand Words".
The Rising Phoenix, since high school,

has lived by the motto:

Make it a great life or not,

the choice is yours…

Who is Yacharmi

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