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Inspired by a range of influences from soul to jazz to hip-hop, artist, songwriter, and producer Seb is multi-talented and stands out from the crowd. Admired for his creative melodies and thoughtful, original lyrics, Seb’s music steps away from genre stereotypes and offers listeners an undeniably positive and even healing experience. Drawing inspiration from the likes of India.Arie, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder, Seb comes to his listeners with a clear message of empowerment, love, and hope.

Born in Chicago before relocating to Milwaukee in 1990, Stan E. Brown Jr. (aka Seb) has been pursuing a life of music, art, and performance for most of his life. Active in talent shows, drama club, and stage productions during his high school years, Seb went on to attend University of Wisconsin Parkside where he focused on art and education. During his time at Parkside, he landed on his stage name Seb (based on his initials S.E.B.) and continued to perform in talent showcases and refine his skills as a performer.

In 1995, Seb began building his own recording studio to pursue his goal of becoming a singer, songwriter, and producer. Seb Studio opened to the public in 2004. During his time operating the studio, Seb divided his time between recording other artists, performing, and continuing to expand his own portfolio of original music. He also spent time developing musical scores for independent films during these years.

In 2009, Seb relocated to Los Angeles where he attended the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood. There, Seb continued to learn about his craft and earned an Associate of Science in Recording Arts. Around this same time, Seb also began interning at Studio City Sound where he performed back-up vocals for countless recording artists. This experience ultimately led Seb to realize that he feels most inspired and fulfilled when he’s expressing his own vision through music. Upon realizing this, Seb decided to move on from Studio City and began performing as a solo artist in Los Angeles.

Although music is Seb’s first love, he has also become involved in stage production, a pursuit that landed him an invite to Russia for 6 months where he helped put on a large stage play.

Now, Seb is back home continuing to write new music to share with his audience.

Seb’s ultimate goal in creating and sharing music

is to serve as a source of inspiration for his audiences,

promoting a message of positivity, growth, and change.

Evident in the healing messages of his lyrics,

Seb believes that music has the power to help us

reflect and realize that we can grow from adversity and share the best

possible versions of ourselves with the world.

Undeniably committed to doing good and helping others,

Seb has chosen to use his music to support the organization One Heartland,

a program for children living with terminal diseases like

AIDS and cancer. Seb gathers donations

for One Heartland at all of his live performances. For more information,

please visit

Creating from a place of spiritual awareness of self and others and promoting

abundantly positive, healthy, and inspiring messages,

Seb’s unique approach to R&B, jazz, and soul

is rooted in a place of passion and authenticity. 

Who Is Seb

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Label: Emerging Music Entertainment

After a long wait, Seb  has made it all worth it with

his new Single. Stop Breathe, from the  album. Unconditioned 

this  is a smooth and thought provoking song

incredibly cohesive, seamlessly moving from start to finish

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