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Who Is Haynie

Haynie is the author of the book "Emerge To Greatness - 7 Shifts to Transform Your Mindset and Reach Your Highest Potential", an advocate of mental wellness, hip hop artist, songwriter, neighborhood community organizer, and CEO of Emerging Music Entertainment. Haynie was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bruce Springsteen released his biggest-selling album “Born In the U.S.A." on Haynie’s exact birthdate. Haynie has a wide range of musical influences like Prince, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Journey, Bon Jovi, KRS-ONE, James Brown, Motown Records (1958-1999), and Master P. Haynie is a former member of the hip-hop group Generations Field formed by childhood friends. Generations Field released three albums “Poor Man’s Dream” (2004), “Live from Poverty Hills” (2008), and Welcome to Da Field” (2015). The previous two albums were released under Emerging Music Entertainment. Haynie is an alumnus of the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music; Located in California, where he was introduced to his mentor, the legendary A&R Don Grierson. Haynie released the singles “Faith over Fear”, “Hollywood Livin”, and “Next Best Hustler”. Haynie is listed in the August 2021 Billboard Magazine as a Hip Hop R&B Power Player. 

Haynie is also committed to creating awareness

about Hip Hop as a kulture, as it's not just rap music. To listen to Haynie’s Emerge to Greatness Podcast visit

Haynie’s solo album “Bloodline of a Real”

is available now exclusively in

Emerging Music Entertainment’s store.

For more information on Haynie and

available products visit  

Faith Over Fear Song With T-shirt Bundle


Faith Over Fear

Label Emerging Music Entertainment

Haynie always strive to create music that is unique and sounds great. Faith over fear is a song about struggle and empowerment, this song is well produced and the message is strong.

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