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Who is Italo

Italo has been a poet at heart since he was in high school back in his parents’ hometown of Lima, Perú before he moved back to the place that witnessed his birth: Los Angeles, California.

Victor Sotomayor adopts the artist’s name Italo and begins reciting poetry in different poetry open mics in Los Angeles.


He’s published two books so far: first book is an anthology of poetry about discrimination titled No Se Habla Español; followed by a collection of monologues inspired by the characters of The Wizard of Oz titled The Oz Monologues. Realizing the potential of the latter publication, Italo decides to produce The Oz Monologues in a stage production in West Hollywood for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, winning a Producer’s Encore award. He then directed a production inspired by the Oz characters    called                                                                 The Great Goodwin in St.Petersburg, Russia to                                                                                   positive reviews.Currently Italo hosts an open                                                                                   mic for poets   called Emerging Poetry which airs                                                                               on the Emerging Music Radio app.  Also, Italo                                                                                     has joined the Emerging Music Entertainment                                                                                   team as an editor and writer for theupcoming                                                                                   Emerging Music Entertainment Magazine as                                                                                       well as other projects. Italo is passionate about                                                                                 inspiring people to find their creative side with                                                                                poetry and art and is thrilled to have joined the                                                                                   Emerging Music Entertainment team

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Stage Productions



The Oz Monologues dives into each character of the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and explores them in a different light. Written and directed by Italo.

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Homer’s Moon Lovesong_convertedItalo ft. Lyrical poet
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